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21st April 2024

Pettitt's Wexford Half Marathon is part of a trilogy series of Bear Races.
The other two events are Wicklow half marathon and Clontarf half marathon.
These events come with bespoke medals which interlock to create a unique Trilogy Medal.
You can sign up for the trilogy event at this link: Bear Races Trilogy - Half Marathon - Buy Tickets (eventmaster.ie)

There is also a trilogy series for the respective 10km/5mile events.
You can sign up to this here: Bear Races Trilogy - Short Distance - Buy Tickets (eventmaster.ie)


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Half Marathon Series

Think you can triple the challenge? Take part in our partner races, the Wicklow Gaol & Clontarf Half Marathon Series. All challenges just as fun, be part of it. 

Short Distance Series 

Half Marathon Series



Wexford Half Marathon

Walk, Run or Crawl!

There is a dedicated walkers start beginning earlier so everyone finishes together. Training advice and a training plan are available here to help you fulfil your goals.

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