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21st April 2024

Rules for Wexford Half Marathon & 10km are to ensure that everyone
enjoys a fun, safe and fair Event.

i) Please obey the Stewards & Gardai at all times.

ii) Please keep to the time deadlines.

iii) Do not take any short cuts off the course you are only cheating yourself.

iv) At the 3 x road crossing points it is imperative for your safety that you
obey the Garda or Steward should they ask you to. Runners do have the
right of way but in the interests of safety and the unpredictable we do ask
that you observe the rules of the road and look both ways before you cross.

v) Competitors should have their number clearly visible on the front of their
running top. Runners who finish the race without a number will not receive
a Finisher’s Medal. There will be no exceptions to this.

vi) Outside assistance is not allowed. You may carry your own food or
drinks but support from cars or bikes is strictly prohibited. This is in the
interest of giving everyone an equal chance.

vii) Please do not leave valuables in the dry bags. The Organisers cannot
accept responsibility for lost, stolen or mislaid dry bags.

viii) It is the responsibility of the Participants to know the route.

ix) You must register and sign the waiver to be part of the race.


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Wexford Half Marathon

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